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Electronic Security System (ESS)


We will help you to protect your privacy, to secure your business or household, in accordance with the current regulations and legislation, and on the basis of the granted licences and certifications.

All is done by using the latest technology in the field of security systems.


Range of ESS services offered 

• ESS projection
• delivery and installation of the EES
• link to a combination of other elements, the central panels, detectors
• maintenance and revision
• consulting
• projection

Our company owns a licence the operate in Technical Services.

To use the services offered, please contact us.


ESS supplied by us 

JABLOTRON products (wireless alarm systems, GSM communication and signaling devices, ESS central offices, motion sensors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, car alarms, immobilizers) have gained significant popularity in Slovakia for their quality, wide use and affordable price. The JABLOTRON products have not less than 24 months and each customer is entitled to expired warranty service without charge for these products. All products meet the EU rules and the valid declaration of conformity is issued for them.

Types of security devices in Jablotron systems

• Wired systems
• Wireless Systems
• Hybrid systems - a combination of wired and wireless system

The company PARADOX SECURITY SYSTEMS resides near Canadian province of Quebec. They manufacture systems to protect buildings against burglary. The company became the world-famous by its focus on applying the latest knowledge and technologies. The PARADOX systems are exported to almost 100 countries worldwide.


About ESS 

Electronic Security System (ESS) is designed to prevent unauthorized entries. The potential distortion of the building is signaled acoustically and visually on the spot to warn intruders and to deter them or to send information about the breach to the owner of the building, eventually, to the guard duty on CSD (the Central Security Desk).

The protection of buildings against the fire and explosion hazard is also one of the standards of the ESS. For early detection of fire, the ionizing, optical and thermal fire detectors are used. The most commonly used alarms are the ionization alarms, that very quickly and reliably detect an increased incidence of smoke in the room and excel in that they are at favorable price. They have the standard built-in siren, which can "alarm the" people in danger.

Equally important is the role of the power system and its backup in case of the power failure of the line voltage. For this reason it is necessary to use high quality accumulators in suitable size of the capacity, adequate to the size of the system.

The accrued alarm can be notified in several ways, e.g.:

• to your mobile phone
• by back up siren
• notification to the ARC
• to the police


Classical or Wireless systems 

Classical ESS elements are interconnected by cables by which the power supply and all the information are transmitted. By contrast, the wireless systems communicate with each other using radio frequency and detectors are powered by batteries. Reliability and security of both variants is dependent on product type and cannot be argued that for example the wireless systems are designed for lower risk. In contrast, recent models of wireless systems, meeting strict European standards for ESS, are at such qualitative level that they leave behind a whole range of classical systems.


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