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IT audits

The aim of the IT audit is not only to verify the "license assurance", but, often preferred, "the analysis of the software use."

IT audit has a great economic benefit for your company since it is able to detect also the unused software or inefficient and not updated licenses from previous years.


When it is appropriate to accede to IT audit?

• Your company has been built up gradually which results in various infrastructures?
• You use multiple types of hardware devices (laptops, servers) and their environment consists of several generations of software?

Our company defines goals, draws up recommendations, but also acquaints with the working procedure that reduces the future risk for the company of installing unwanted software by final consumers.


Training courses 

• we will train you to work with a PC or auxiliary devices (printers, copiers, cameras, etc.)
• operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
• and other applications (MS Office - Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and others)



Training your employees will bring your company 

• streamlining of your employees´ work with the computer technology
• the training to work with auxiliary devices
• the training to work with the operating system and other applications, directly at your place or at our training center
• increased work performance
• Cost savings - no wasting time when using a computer
• Saving of money for support and consulting services
• and many more

There´s a need to be constantly educated in the field of IT >>>

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