Webhosting and domains

Webhosting and domain registration


We provide complete web hosting services.

• Placement of your website and e-shops on our servers.
• We arrange purchase, registration and necessary domain operations.


To your website, placed on our server, we provide FTP space, emails and databases.


Webhosting details

• domain registration
FTP server with SSL encryption
PHP / CGI scripts
MySQL & Postgres databases, online tools to work with databases (phpmyadmin, pphppgadmin)
• Easy creation of subdomains, creation of folders
IMAP email servers (s), POP3 (S), SMTP (S) anti-spam and virus protection, webmail
Control Panel for the administration of domains, ftp, email accounts and aliases, databases, controlled use of the system resources.
• Detailed Usage Statistics (Awstats), HTTP logs control
• Automatic regular data, email, and databases backup
Online technical support and consulting

  • English
  • Slovenčina
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